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It is true that not everybody is born with extraordinary sales skills. The foundation of the work in sales is the communication skills. Though it does not mean that you must be a life and soul of the party or the leader of the group or love public speeches and presentations during which we need to cope with the stress and show our self-confident. You can also be a good salesperson or an account advisor if you master the essential skills – thanks to a special training and preparation – or when we discover the talents, we never know we had. It concerns all kinds of co-operations with the client – beginning with the telephone conversation, then personal contact and finally after-sale service. Communication skills are often accompanied by self-confidence, however, it is not a rule, though, in some conditions they can naturally complement each other.

Being natural in our sale behaviour is extremely vital. While being an actor we can play any role but the possible success of the character we create can be achieved only on the big screen, not in real life. Being natural in sales is visible when in our own words we can describe and present the advantages of the product that we sell. Exactly as if we were selling it to ourselves.

The Effective Sales Academy will help to develop the key sale skills and to discover those features in training participants. Those skills, which might have been hidden so far, can help in their future work. The sales workshop is universal – most of sales techniques work in every sales channel and in any business.

During the training the following topics are presented:

  • innate and acquired sales skills: can everyone perform an effective sale?
  • psychology of sales – how your behaviour can influence the client; how the client sees you
  • the essentials of sales behaviour: self-confidence, understanding of products, communication with the client, knowing the trade and specific characteristics of customer’s business
  • building your own brand – how I speak, what I say, what I represent, the respect for the client and my own knowledge and self-esteem
  • sales preparation – cold calls, gathering the information about the customer, offering, meetings and talks logistics
  • the agenda of sales meeting, honesty and credibility of the salesperson
  • sales techniques: SPIN, ATMD, SBR
  • business negotiations**
  • business contracts, hedging and financing of national, export and import contracts***
  • creating hidden needs
  • building customer relations – are the private relations really necessary in the process of effective sales?
  • After Sales Service
  • customer’s disappointment with the product, complaints and NPS
  • trainings and corporates events for the clients – participation 25/100 rule
  • digitalisation in the sales process

The offered training – Effective Sales Academy – fits the specificity of a particular company. Designing a tailored training is also an option – it takes into consideration the specific character of many lines of business and the level of complexity of the organisations as well as the dynamic work environment. The standard program of the course covers 3 days of training. The third day provides a business simulation – which can take a form of a practical test (individual or in small groups). The program can be expanded to 5 days when the options of: Business negotiations and Business contracts, hedging and financing of national, export and import contracts are included.


  • self-awareness – my strengths and weaknesses in sales process, what needs to be improved
  • salesperson workshop – self-presence, the way of communicating, meeting preparation
  • using sales and negotiation techniques in practice
  • analyses of customer’s open and hidden needs
  • negotiation strategies
  • sales process management using IT tools
  • the knowledge of creating, hedging and financing national and international contracts (imports and exports transactions)
  • key characteristic of success in sales
  • how to overcome the obstacles in sales process
  • client’s conversation skill in diverse channels: telephone, internet, meeting in person


  • sales specialists working in various sales channels: telephone, mail, social media video, meetings in person
  • sales representatives
  • BDMs
  • account’s advisors
  • sales experts
  • account’s managers
  • KAM
  • team leaders
  • employees aspiring to become the leaders in sales departments


  • training is divided into thematic blocks and supplemented with workshop tasks in sub-groups, after each block:
    • origin and philosophy of the sales and salespeople
    • creating your own, unique brand
    • sales preparation
    • sales techniques
    • strategic thinking in relations with the accounts
    • business negotiations
    • hedging and financing national and international contracts (import, export)
    • after sales service, NPS
    • digitalisation in sales
    • business simulation in the sales process (min 4)
  • training takes 3-5 days (7 hours/day), business simulations as video recordings for further analysis and utilisation by the participant and/or the employer
  • dates, times, breaks, location – to be agreed

* All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without permission in writing from the publisher Academy of Skills Tomasz Wójtowicz

** Business negotiations – an optional module; expands the duration of training by 1 day

*** Business contracts… – an optional module; expands the duration of training by 1 day

About me

Tomasz Wójtowicz, Phd – I am an experienced business practitioner as well as an academic teacher. My 22-year professional career, including 13 years of managerial practise in big international organisations (Citigroup, Commerzbank, DBK Group) and other companies (ATW_Poznan Ltd. – Chairman of the Board; University of Computer Sciences and Economics – Chairman of the Managing Board) gave me the essential insight and experience. During my career path in corporations, eight times I participated and conducted structural and organisational changes, not just as a researcher, scientist, advisor or consultant but always as an employee. It allowed me to get a better understanding and knowledge of implemented changes, from the point of view of an employee as well as the manager.

Business fields which are supervised are as follows:

  • the sale, post-sale support and management of the transactional banking products and trade finance for corporate clients (of annual revenues above 10 billion euros, including companies the ones listed on WSE and other European and American Stock Exchanges); on average the companies process approx. 15 000 operations annually,
  • the supervision of B2B sale teams – account assistant, product advisor, representatives, BDMs, KAMs – up to 30 people; cooperation with national and international sales net up to 300 people,
  • product management – product development department, search and implementation of innovations,
  • financial analysis and risk management within trade finance and investment,
  • implementation of a lean management concept in organisations,
  • forward budget (revenue, cost and income targets) of 120 million PLN (EBIT)
  • relation management with the key clients
  • optimisation of the financial sheets (the balance and cash-flow structure, return on sales, return on assets and capital in profit and loss account)

In 2011-2019 I was a Head of Trade Finance Department in mBank S.A. (Commerzbank Group). Beforehand – 2000-2011 – in my career path I was appointed a Head of Regional Sales Department and a Head of Global Transaction Sales Services Department for Institutional Customers in Citi Handlowy (Citigroup).  In 1997-2000 I worked in the Financial Department of DBK Group, preparing analyses and reports required for management decisions. Within the scope of my managerial duties I efficiently ran a team of 50 people and directly co-operated with the net of bank advisors and analysts in the whole country (more than 300 people). I managed a company of FMCG trade (ATW_Poznan Ltd.) and the finance and restructuring processes at a private university (University of Computer Sciences and Economics)

In 2004 I got a PhD in management and accountancy at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. It allowed me to combine the theory with the practise. For 20 years (1998-2018) I specialised in financial and managerial accountancy, financial analysis, company’s finance and audit (over 25 publications assistant professor in the Department of Economics).

In May 2019 I graduated from MIT, USA, after completing an international training for Executives: Leading change in complex organization, organised by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, USA.

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